Children's & Adults faces have been blacked out in pictures for privacy reasons.All pictures so far are from 2015.
Outdoor play equipment in these 2 pictures  is only for kids 10 & under.
Outdoor enclosed  gated basketball area for any age.

Kids enjoying our Arts/Crafts table.Which is updated as supplies are needed by funding donated by fee's paid by families.
Artwork made by some of the kids
Part of our Halloween celebration Meetup October 2015.
Outdoor play areas for any age too have some fun.
Kid's enjoying drawing on large wall mounted chalkboard.
Kids enjoying playing at our Games Table.
Kids enjoying playing Upword's game at outside picnic table.
Kids enjoying playing games outside at picnic tables
Kids & Adults playing inside & relaxing having a chat.
Kids enjoying our Reading Books & Bricks corner
Indoor fun games day
Our Home School Christmas Party Meetup December 15th 2015.

Photo's from 2016 so far..